Jan 19, 2007

Tight ranging in Cable move

Cable is now moving in a tight range. In M15 cable will rebond whenever it dropping to 200SMA and will be back testing down once it near to 50SMA. Perhaps some scalps within this range will works, but I hope that it will really break 200SMA in order to further south. (Cable is now @ 1.9732) (USD Index is now @84.90)

14:45 GMT US Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index 91.70 % 92.00 %


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Hello Alex. Thank you for posting your blog. I would like to point out that the Cable has broken major resistance. It is in an up trend. I myself am looking for an opportunity to go long.

    Mr. Pipman

  2. Good day Mr.Pipman,

    Sorry for late reply to your comment. I was sick for the pass few days. Anyway, Thank you very much for having yourself here.