Mar 12, 2007

Position opened in GBP/USD

I had just opened a long position in GBP/USD @ 1.9275. This is also the newest trade signal in "XFT Forex System" .
Last trade signal in “ XFT Forex System” was a buy in EUR/GBP @ 0.67850 on 3/9/07 14:14STC and targeting 40pips or more. I had just closed my long in this position with +40pips profit as well.

Besides, my earlier short position in cable (since 1.9425 ) had reached my final target and closed @ 1.9275 as well for +150 pips profit.

16:45 US Fed's Kroszner Speaks at Washington Economics Conference
18:00 US # Monthly Budget Statement FEB $83.2B -$117.75B
20:45 NZ Statistics New Zealand on Retail Trade for January
21:45 NZ Retail Sales (MoM) JAN 0.70% 0.20%
21:45 NZ Retail Sales Ex-Auto (MoM) JAN 0.20% - -

我刚在 1。9275 多 了磅/没。这也是最新的交易讯号在"XFT Forex System" 。

最后一次"XFT Forex System" 的交易讯号是上个星期5晚上发出的。显示多欧/磅在0。6785并期望至少40点的营利。我也刚结了这个多单,得了+40点。


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